How To Design A Traditional Office?

July 26, 2021

Should traditional offices follow a classic design? Our designer decided to mix the classic and modern styles in this traditional office design.  Tuntex took the opportunity to design for the conference rooms, breakout rooms, open office space, and private offices. We selected our 2020 new products T716G Vintage and T723G 1933 Shanghai for some areas.   Carpet selections for each room are all customized to better adapt to different programming.


“Ocean Wave” design concept


To create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, neutral and bright colors were chosen for breakout areas. Inspired by the sea coast, gray, tan, green, and blue of T716G Vintage were the colors of choice. The colors created a contrast between the clean furnishings and office white walls. Harmonious and soothing curves from the rhythm of waves was a creative way to build a more casual and relaxing atmosphere for the break room.


T716G Vintage is featured with Tuntex special treatment to keep indoor space comfortable. Ecofresh is Tuntex’s special treatment that helps to optimize indoor air quality. This treatment effectively reduces indoor odour including smoke, food smell.


Overall Color Theme

To maintain a coherent style and overall color theme throughout the whole space, the designer chose dark gray carpet for private offices and light gray for open areas. Our T723G 1933 shanghai was also used throughout the open space. This product is an ideal commercial carpet option to achieve a timeless and luxury look. 


Irregular shape

With the intention to evoke creativity and innovative ideas, the designer used, the designer has used a seven-piece puzzle as the design concept.  The carpet tiles were cut into triangles pieces and recombined in different colors to create a unique effect.  T801G Color Zip was also added to complement this eye-catching installation.


Companies increasingly focus on sustainable interior design. It is very important to pick materials and products with the minimum environmental impact. Tuntex recycles both pre-consumed and post-consumed waste to minimize the environmental impact.  Tuntex recycles both pre-consumed and post-consumed waste to minimize the environmental impact.