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Focused on delivering impeccable interior designs that inspire innovation and creativity, while remaining on the cutting edge of the latest trends

With Westbrook leading the way in Design & Build solutions, our approach has always been rooted in understanding your workspace requirements and crafting functional designs that is best aligned with your vision.

Our team boasts unrivalled expertise in interior designs crafting a workspace that epitomizes your brand identity and embodies your team’s values. We take pride in delivering design concepts that authentically mirror your organizational ethos. Our process begins with a collaborative approach, prioritizing a deep understanding of your preferences and visions.

At Westbrook, we believe that innovation and creativity go hand in hand, striving to achieve the perfect aesthetic equilibrium. With extensive experience in the UAE market, we seamlessly blend various styles, ranging from contemporary to classic. From conception to completion, we are committed to creating workspaces that align with your vision.

We offer a myriad of interior design and build services that doesn’t limit to just the execution of a project. The team of experts can help our clients navigate with ease through the authority approvals while offering a comprehensive MEP solution, precision crafted custom joinery detailing & a premium series of furniture selections as a complete package to our esteemed clients.

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Our Mission: Bringing Spaces to Life Through Exceptional Design

At our core, we’re a team of dedicated designers and engineers committed to professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. Renowned for innovative solutions, we seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, earning recognition for our business acumen.

Our aim is to provide diverse services, ensuring affordability, durability, and the highest standards of quality craftsmanship in every project.